#Sam is like #man it’s pretty chilly lemme just warm my hands on this burning corpse

fun fact: Sam warming his hands wasn’t in the script. Before they shot this scene the director was talking to Jared and mentioned that it was a cold night. Jared thought the director was telling him to show that it was cold out, so he did this

And here we are… Another damn Monday with shit to do.


you know tumblr is slowly becoming a big part of your life when you have more mutuals on facebook with people from tumblr than with people from your school

The Boys Of Samezuka Swimming Team! 

That is most likely the basis of the Sibyl System.

It’s better to be hurt than to hurt others. Which is why you are going through all of this.


ask any teenager what type of music they listen to and 99 percent of the time they’ll say ‘anything but country’