This whole movie was a masterpiece.

the progression of sherlock holmes - friend status

Reminder for myself-

Fix Jack’s part on a 4 set.

Queue a gifset that’s done. (see if quote actually goes with it.)

Make that ‘free!es new faces’ set after the new ep is out. (doubt I’ll make it. who knows.)

Find more psds and update laptop.


Jared Padalecki ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

Jensen was clearly enjoying this too much.


"This is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Please be forewarned: this video contains nudity & an inflatable horse." [x]

Don't you see the starlight, starlight?
Don't you dream impossible things?


His father died before his time.

"You’re a man now," the village people told him.

"If being broken-hearted is a man," he replied from his despair, "then, yes, I suppose I’m a man."

~Terri Guillemets

I’ve been thinking about loss recently, after a bad dream I had a couple of weeks ago. Hiccup must spend his days struggling with guilt and pressure, how painful to live without the one person whose role you’ve now received.

This kind of grief is not something that is easily conquered.

(in dedication to raedeanne for her donation to my indiegogo campaign.)

httyd2 details --> up close movements
Toothless and Stormfly laughing
requested by anon